Rock Out (Briefly) This Week With Retronauts

Rock Out (Briefly) This Week With Retronauts

In the latest Micro episode, Jeremy takes a short look at the influential Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The fundamental idea behind the Retronauts podcast was to draw a line between the modern-day games industry and the medium's history, to paint a clearer picture of how video games got to where they are today.

Sometimes, these inspirations aren't video games themselves but rather works from the larger world of creative media. In previous Retronauts seasons, we've looked at external influences like Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, and — in one of the most divisive episodes ever — progressive rock music. Today's Retronauts Micro returns to that topic, though more briefly and with much greater focus. Specifically, today's Micro episode is about the Japanese electronic band Yellow Magic Orchestra, whose seminal recordings between 1979 and 1983 had a huge impact on the shape and style of game music in the decades that followed. If you love Japanese chiptunes, you probably love YMO... even if you've never heard the band before.

Today's episode is a modest time commitment, and it's packed with great music by a talented trio, so give it a listen! And then go hunt down a bunch of YMO albums.

Download links:

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A brief journey into the music of a band that had an incredible influence on the direction and style of game music in the '80s and '90s: Japan's New Wave-tinged synth rockers Yellow Magic Orchestra. Featuring lots of music by, yes, Yellow Magic Orchestra.

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