Rocket League Changes the Game Again With Dropshot, Coming March 22

With Competitive Season 4 comes a whole new way to play Rocket League.

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Following the previously-released Hoops and Rumble game mode, Rocket League is providing its players with another brand-new way to play the car-based sports title. The new mode is called Dropshot, featuring a new stage and its own online playlist in Exhibition and Private matches. Like previous alternate play modes, Dropshot is a free update to the game.

In Dropshot, players will head to Core 707, the new hexagonal playing field. The teams will push around an electrified ball, seeking to destroy the floor under the opposing team in order to make a goal.

Here's how it works: When you hit the ball, it's changed to your color and if it hits a hex on the opposing team's field, that hex will light up. A second hit on a lit hex will cause that tile to fall away completely. This doesn't effect the Rocket League cars, which can drive over the gaping holes into a glowing technological abyss, but if the ball falls through an open hex tile, that's a goal. So you want to keep the ball in your color and keep it on your opponent's side.

There's a twist though. As the ball gets hit by players, it'll gain a charge and change in visual style; the harder the hit, the faster it charges. A Level 2 ball won't just activate a single hex upon hit, it'll also activate the adjacent hexes. At Level 3, the ball's impact will affect an additional layer of adjacent hexes around the impact point. So, not only do you have to keep the ball charged with your color, you want to keep track of its level, so that every hit will deal maximum damage. Once a goal is scored, the floor reforms to its original state.

I had a chance to play Dropshot for a few matches and I admit I enjoy it more that regular Rocket League. The floor acts as a malleable goal, with a solid, consistent attack giving you either multiple regions or a wide area to score. If you fail to protect against a good attack, you can be left with an entirely open floor, forcing you to play amazing defense just to keep the ball off your side at all. Basically, even as a noob, Dropshot provides more avenues of attack and more options for making a goal.

I'm still not great at Rocket League. My matches didn't end in complete failure, but that's not because of my skill. In the end, players with strong ball-handling skills will still be able to make strong pinpoint shots, like a double-dribble into the same hex for an easy goal. Despite that, Dropshot is a great new mode for Rocket League and is probably the most visually-appealing mode in the game to date. Seriously, watch the hexes fall away into the void just looks cool.

Dropshot will launch for all Rocket League players on March 22, 2017. The full update will also include an all-new eSports 'Live Now' button for official streams, six new Achievements and Trophies, and the beginning of Competitive Season 4.

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