Rocket League's Rocket Pass is Coming This Summer

Rocket League's Rocket Pass is Coming This Summer

Upgrade your racecar kicky-ball experience to a fancy racecar kicky-ball experience.

Rocket League, the game that dares to dream wild by pairing up turbo-charged cars and soccer, is getting its own Fortnite-style pass later this summer. The "Rocket Pass" is a time-limited progression system available in both "Free" and "Premium" flavors.

Psyonix unveiled details about the pass earlier today. The Rocket League developer says it plans to "offer several Rocket Passes every year, with an emphasis on new, unique content for each Pass." The passes won't change the current XP-earning system, but the Premium package ($9.99 USD) will let you unlock "XP Boosts" and "XP rewards" that increase how much XP you earn and help you advance through your Rocket Pass more quickly.

Don't scratch the paint. Just kidding. Mess it up.

The Free Rocket Pass offers rewards that unlock automatically, including customization options, in-game titles, player banners, and decryptors. Premium pass holders receive even more cosmetic options, as well as the aforementioned XP boosts.

The Free and Premium Rocket Passes are available on every platform Rocket League currently lives on (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and macOS). Every item you nab is tradeable, excluding traditionally non-tradeable items like titles.

Are you new to the fast and furious world of cars playing soccer like blasphemous demons mimicking humankind? You'll want to check out our guide to Rocket League for hints and tips.

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