Rocksteady Drops Kryptonite on Superman Game Rumors

Rocksteady Drops Kryptonite on Superman Game Rumors

No, Rocksteady isn't working on a Superman game.

After Rocksteady Studios wrapped up the Batman: Arkham trilogy with 2015's Arkham Knight, fans wondered what would be next for the studio. And given that this is the AAA game industry, that can only mean one thing: more DC Comics games. Fans have been waiting for years for the next Rocksteady DC title with not a tease in sight.

With this year's The Game Awards, a cavalcade of huge game teasers surrounded by the occasional honoring of developers, the rumor mill is in full swing. An older rumor, with Rocksteady working on an open-world Superman game entitled Superman: World’s Finest, was put back on the table earlier this week. Rocksteady Studios co-founder and game director Sefton Hill took to Twitter to shoot down that rumor.

The last time this rumor popped up, it was before this year's E3. That also marks the last time that Hill posted on Twitter, letting fans know that the studio wasn't announcing anything at the event.

So, Rocksteady is working on something. No, it's not related to Superman. Yes, it might be related to DC Comics. No, we have absolutely no way of knowing exactly what it is until it's announced. So let's all calm down, eh?

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