Roller Champions Tips - How to Win at Roller Champions

Roller Champions Tips - How to Win at Roller Champions

Roller Champions is a 3v3 competitive roller skating game. Here’s how to win.

Roller Champions was properly unveiled at Ubisoft’s E3 2019 Press Conference. It looks to be an arcadey take on a 3v3 multiplayer sports game. Roller skating is the main event, though this version is a little more high octane than you might be used to. In Roller Champions, you’ll need to fight for a ball, run with it for a full lap of the track and then launch it into one of the goal’s towering over the court. It can be tricky to get the hang of, though there are some ways to easily get ahead. We’ll cover that and more in this Roller Champions Tips Guide. Let’s get things rolling.

Roller Champions Tips

Roller Champions is a deceptively tricky game to master. Behind the cheery roller skating gameplay is a fairly tactical affair, where you’ll need to be aware of your teammates and their positions within the rink. To help you get ahead early on in Roller Champions we’ve put together this Roller Champions Tips Page. Check out our Roller Champions Tips below:

  • Defense/Offense - while off of the ball, you should be trying to tackle opponents that are near the ball holder. This makes it easier for you to close in and snatch the ball when it is dropped.
  • The long way around - it might be tempting to cut corners when chasing down an opponent. Often though, it is better to take the longer path, and use the downhill areas of the rink to pump and speed up.
  • Pump it - Pump whenever you’re moving downhill, and release when heading up.
  • Alley Oop - when you have triggered the goal, ride wide and past it. Check the ball back to a teammate where they can score for you.
  • Wall-jumping - jumping off of walls can put you much closer to the goal.
  • Risk/Reward - you’ll earn more points for a goal if you have completed more laps. We recommend trying to go for a three-pointer each time, perhaps even faking out the first shot to throw the other team off.
  • Starting Line - You need to pass the start line to trigger a lap. Head back to it if this will save you time.
  • Lights Show - use the lights around the track to gauge how far you are in your current lap.
  • Drafting - you’ll get a significant speed boost for skating directly behind another player. Use this to close the gap between you and the ball holder.

How to Score in Roller Champions

The scoring system in Roller Champions is pretty easy to get the hang of, though it isn’t conventional by any means. To score in Roller Champions, pick up the ball. Once you have this, proceed to the starting line and then start heading counter-clockwise. This will initiate a lap, you can see your progress using the UI indicator in the top middle of the screen. Once a lap has been completed, you’ll be able to hold L2/LT and shoot at the goal, which will now be lit up. You’ll get more points if you’ve completed more laps, here’s how:

  • 1 Lap - 1 Point
  • 2 Laps - 3 Points
  • 3 Laps - 5 Points

How to Win in Roller Champions

So you know how to score, tackle and pass, but how exactly do you win in Roller Champions? It’s actually pretty simple, to win a game just get to 5 points. This means that if you manage to do three laps, you can in theory win with one goal. In practice, this is extremely difficult to pull off, though you’ll be rewarded for being bold. Each game runs for 7 minutes, though if it isn’t settled by then, an additional 3 minutes of overtime is added. If neither team has reached 5 points then the win goes to the team with the most points, easy.

Given that Roller Champions is only in pre-alpha, we’ll likely be updating this page quite a bit as the game comes together. Make sure you check back to find future updates and info.

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