Rowlett is the Best Pokemon Starter, as Decided by a Real Owl

Rowlett is the Best Pokemon Starter, as Decided by a Real Owl

Whooo's the best starter Pokemon ever?

Here's a riddle. "What does a great horned owl choose as its starter Pokemon?" Answer: "Whatever the heck it wants." Have you ever seen the talons of a great horned owl up close? Those babies are made for eviscerating small animals. They'd probably do a good job turning your face into bloody ribbons, too.

OK, but here's a serious answer: "Rowlett." Going by a recent video from the Gen3 Owl Channel, owls are quick to befriend the starter Pokemon made famous by Pokemon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. Despite the flagrant bias on display here, I think it's a solid pick. Any raptor that hatches wearing a bowtie is all right by me.

The owner of the owl in the video—and presumably the owner of the Rowlett plush that shares top billing—gently tries to get his feathery friend to surrender the Rowlett plush. Mr. Owl isn't having any of it, though: Rowlett is accompanying him on his personal Pokemon journey, and that's that. The video's author isn't too serious about removing the plush because—friendly reminder—the owl's talons are the size of a toddler's fingers.

The video's description contains a warning against letting owls play with toys unsupervised. This is good advice, since The Pokemon Company didn't design the Rowlett stuffie with the intention of it becoming a best friend to an actual owl. I wonder if any pet shop actually sells toys that are raptor safe?

Pokemon Sun and Moon isn't exactly the new hotness anymore (don't tell Mr. Owl), but Pokemon Sword and Shield sure is. If you recently started playing, you might want to check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield typing chart.

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