Axe of the Blood God: Should Xenogears Get a Remake?

Axe of the Blood God: Should Xenogears Get a Remake?

Plus, Final Fantasy 7 Remake's wild ending.

In this week's episode of Axe of the Blood God, we answer questions from the mailbag, and we delve deeper into Final Fantasy 7 Remake's crazy ending [download link here]

In honor of the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Nadia and I tackle the question of whether other classic RPGs should get a remake, including Xenogears and Suikoden 2. We also talk about our favorite quests that can be resolved non-violently; ponder whether the death of the 3DS marked the end of an era of RPGs, and more.

Also in this episode, I'm joined by special guests Alex Donaldson of VG247 and Steve Bowling to GameXplain to talk about Final Fantasy 7 Remake's ending! We share our thoughts on its execution; our own theories of what actually happened, and share our predictions for Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2!

Want to contribute to the conversation? Leave a comment below! We'll read our favorites on the following week's episode.

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Show Description

Special guests Steve Bowling of GameXplain and Alex Donaldson of VG247 join Kat to discuss Final Fantasy 7 Remake's unique ending, and what might come next [10:35 to 57:00 if you want to avoid spoilers]. Then Nadia returns to ponder whether Xenogears and Suikoden 2 should get remakes, talk about quests that can be completed without violence, and compare the Switch's current RPG library to that of the 3DS.

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