Rumor: a New 2D Metroid Game Is in Development

Rumor: a New 2D Metroid Game Is in Development

Samus may return.

Nintendo got sick of us making jokes about the death of the Metroid franchise, which is why it announced two Metroid games at E3 2017.

Well, I like to pretend Nintendo forged the upcoming Metroid Prime 4 and the recently-released Metroid: Samus Returns out of pure spite. Truth is, Nintendo simply got around to showing some love to a long-neglected franchise. And according to a new batch of rumors, Samus might stick around for a while.

Resetera user "mocolostrocolos" made a post late last year about the looming possibility of a new 2D Metroid game. "AFAIK, there's an unannounced 2D Metroid game on development on a really early production state," they write. "Can't say the studio though, don't want to jeopardize my source."


Why pay any mind to a message board rumor? Because mocolostrocolos spoke of a 2D remake for Metroid 2: Return of Samus as far back as April 2016 over on the NeoGAF forums. The rumor rang true, though it needs to be mentioned putting money down on "Nintendo will remake Metroid 2 someday" was never a very risky business, given fan demand.

So take the rumor of a new 2D Metroid game with the usual vat of salt, but don't feel bad about channeling some hope into the project, either. Samus' Return for the 3DS was well-received, and we have no idea when Metroid Prime 4 is coming. I don't think it's a stretch to believe Nintendo might commission MercurySteam or another studio to make a second 2D jaunt for Samus in the interim.

I just wonder if Samus would get one last hurrah on the 3DS, or if she'd move on the Switch.

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