Sony Rumored to be in Talks to Acquire Take-Two Interactive [Update]

Sony Rumored to be in Talks to Acquire Take-Two Interactive [Update]

MarketWatch reports the hot, probably not-happening acquisition.

Update, 1 p.m. PT: Our friends at reached out to the writers of the MarketWatch report, who confirmed that the rumor heard has only been sourced from Joel Kulina of Wedbush Securities.

"This is purely unconfirmed market speculation that is making the rounds," Kulina told "I am not the source of this story in any regard. And not sure who quoted me as I didn't speak with anyone over the phone (unless someone saw a trading note that I wrote)."

Chris Matthews, one of the writers on the report, also told the site that when the stock skyrocketed today, they were searching for a plausible explanation. Matthews specifically notes that "Joel's in a good position to know what's moving individual tech stocks, even if they are just rumors," adding that the stock rose well before news of the rumor broke out. Still, as with all rumors and as we concluded in the original story, that doesn't mean the hearsay is true.

You can find our original story published this morning in its entirety below.

Today in "no way" rumors, MarketWatch is reporting that Take-Two Interactive Software is in talks to be acquired by Sony. If true, it would make it arguably the biggest acquisition in modern video game history, with Take-Two's IPs including Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto, Borderlands, Civilization, BioShock, NBA 2K, and more.

Take-Two's stock climbed 4.7 percent today as rumors of Sony being in "advanced board level discussions to acquire Take-Two Interactive in a mostly cash deal" circled. It would put Take-Two at $130 per share, which is currently floating around $95, according to head of technology and media trading at Wedbush Securities, Joel Kulina.

If true, that would put Sony in ownership of the likes of Rockstar Games, 2K Games, Take-Two Interactive, and more. Still, from an outsider's perspective, it's hard to see such a sale happening, considering Take-Two's monstrous success on its own. Just in January, Take-Two inked a $1.1 billion deal to extend the NBA 2K basketball sim series another seven years. That's not including the record-breaking sales and prestige of the likes of Rockstar Games.

This isn't the first time that Take-Two has been connected with the possibility of a massive sale. In 2008, EA attempted a major takeover worth somewhere in the region of $2 billion. Thankfully, that never happened, and Take-Two has continued to hum right along over the past decade.

As far as rumors go, it's easy to be apprehensive about this news and the unlikelihood of it. Shareholders have a history of swaying to any and all rumors, no matter their credibility. Still, crazier things have happened in the world. Sony acquiring one of the biggest money-making juggernauts in the industry would be a pretty big get.

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