Rumor: The Last of Us 2 Release Info Will be Revealed Soon

Rumor: The Last of Us 2 Release Info Will be Revealed Soon

Naughty Dog's latest could get a release date right before E3.

With weeks before E3, Sony is making the most of their absence from the show by teasing upcoming news for two of their biggest games: Death Stranding and The Last of Us 2. While only the former has a confirmed reveal scheduled for later this week, there are rumors that we'll get the latest on Naughty Dog's newest game as well.

Spanish video game website Gamereactor is reporting that Sony will drop a new trailer for The Last of Us 2 soon that could even reveal the game's release date. Neither Death Stranding or The Last of Us 2 have release dates, and while it's not certain that both games will come out this year, many are hoping at least one of them will show up before 2019 is over.

How close The Last of Us 2 is away from completion is still up in the air. While the narrative portions of the game have been completed, Naughty Dog has been hiring a lot of developers to help "close out" development on the game. So perhaps a 2019 release date is a little too optimistic.

The Last of Us 2 is one of three big projects Sony has announced for the PS4. The others include Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding, and Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima. None of these games have release dates, and with the PS5 approaching many are wondering if we'll even see these games this console generation.

However, during a Sony investor meeting the company confirmed that these titles will still be coming to the PS4 as previously announced. And with Sony making plenty of movement before E3, there's a good chance we'll see the company time some big announcements with the show, even if they aren't attending.

Check out our E3 2019 guide for more info on the upcoming event, including conference schedules, announcements, and more.

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