Sagat and the Fighting President G are Coming to Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition Tomorrow

Seriously, who's G?

News by Matt Kim, .

At EVO 2018 fighting game tournament Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono took the stage to announce that G, the fighting President of the World, and Sagat will be coming to Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition tomorrow, August 6, as part of the Season 3 Pass.

Who is G? I genuinely don't know. Other than the fact that he's some kind of alternate-reality, Abraham Lincoln-like "president" with bunch of patriotic-themed attacks, not much is known about this mysterious man. But you can get a good look at his moveset in the new trailer released tonight at EVO.

Unlike G, Sagat is a well-known fighter in the Street Fighter universe. The Muay Thai fighter brings with him his tiger-themed moves as well as a new stage King's Court based on Sagat's Street Fighter 2 stage. You can see him in action in a new trailer below.

You can purchase G and Sagat for $5.99 each or 100,000 Fight Money. Both characters are also part of the Season 3 Pass which costs $29.99. Other characters released as part of this season pass include Sakura, Blanka, Falke, and Cody. You can check out our Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition Review here.

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