Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Guide: How to Use Blast, Summons, Stomp and Aura Active Abilities, and Defeat Satan

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Guide: How to Use Blast, Summons, Stomp and Aura Active Abilities, and Defeat Satan

Learn what abilities are useful and which ones should never be called upon in battle, plus how Blast and Stomp can turn Satan into a punching bag.

After having powered our way through the main story in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, we were left feeling as if the game was a little too easy. Granted we only played it on the normal difficulty, but it just seemed like none of the activities or quests were providing us with a serious challenge.

If you want to jump straight to how to defeat Satan, click here.

Having spent some time thinking about this, it seems that might be due to our mastery of Johnny Gat's active abilities, as we often found ourselves not bothering to use any of the weapons that were at our disposal. Why shoot an enemy with 25 bullets when you can just stomp your foot on the ground and go about your business?

Of course, not all active abilities are created equal, so today we're going to outline which ones you should be spending your Soul Clusters on, and which ones you can leave sitting in your back pocket on a permanent basis.


This is definitely one of the best abilities in the game, although it does fall short of being our favorite. With Blast, players can fire a projectile that will turn their enemies to stone, buying them precious time to attack them with more standard weapons.

To effectively use Blast, save it for enemies that are flying, or even the vehicles that show up from time to time. You can even make use of them in boss fights, and it's especially useful against Satan. In terms of enemies that fly, Blast will bust up their shields, and can even make them drop out of the sky without any additional attacks.

Blast also comes with two variants, Soul and Shadow, which can each be unlocked by completing optional quests. With Soul you'll find that you enemies are devoured, where as Shadow will slow down and tear the flesh from your foes. We wouldn't worry too much about these upgrades though, we got by just fine sticking with the default option of Stone.


Although fun, Summons is probably one of our least favorite active abilities. It just lacks the killing power of something like Stone, only releasing a few Imps to attack your enemies. Sure, you can purchase upgrades that will allow you to use your Imps as improvised explosive devices, but by the time you switch to them, aim and fire, you could have taken out your opposition with something more effective.

For those interested, you can also unlock the Tower and Titan variations, and the former is actually fairly useful. Do you recall those Spires we talked about in our beginner's tips? Well by using the Tower function you can call in your very own. If you'd like to try the Titan option, this will call in one of Hell's champion Legionnaires to fight by your side. Both of these variants do have uses, but they are few and far enough between that it just isn't worth the effort. Stick with some of your more powerful abilities.


It's not the last ability that we'll talk about, but Stomp is our favorite. We spent a butt load of Soul Clusters purchasing upgrades for it, and that pretty much became our non-stop, go to offensive option. You can use it to completely obliterate the enemies around the game's 26 Spires, or to quickly dispatch Satan's minions in the final boss battle. It's uses are never ending, and when it's fully upgraded you can call upon it repeatedly and with devastating effect.

Like all other active abilities, Stomp comes with some variations, although neither of them are quite as satisfying as just pounding the ground in an earthquake like manner. Still, if you're into such things you can try Vacuum, something that will gather up all your enemies in one spot, handy if you have a rocket launcher equipped. You can also try Holy, an ability that will flash your enemies with holy light... again, not nearly as good as regular old Stomp in our opinion.


Although every ability has a use at some point or another, we're just not a big fan of Aura. Yeah, it can damage your foes with cold flames, but again... we have Stomp. Still, if you decide to go with this option, try equipping it and running around your enemies to set them on fire. It shouldn't be your first offensive maneuver, but it's there if you need to get mobile and still want to mount some type of an attack.

Perhaps the best use of Aura is the Vamp element that can be unlocked by completing optional quests. This will drain your enemies of energy and transfer it to you, something that is a little more passive than active, but is very welcome when you're low and health and can't find any pickups nearby. You could also try Worship, but this will only cause your foes to drop to their knees to... wait for it... worship you. Not to sound like a broken record, but we just don't how this would ever be more useful than stomp.

As you can see, not all of the abilities in Gat out of Hell are actually useful (at least to us), but two of them were more than enough to power through the entire game. Sure, we still had to fire a shot or two, but you'd be surprised at how seldom we had to whip out our gun by just utilizing Stomp and Blast.

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