Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Guide: How to Use Blast, Summons, Stomp and Aura Active Abilities, and Defeat Satan

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Guide: How to Use Blast, Summons, Stomp and Aura Active Abilities, and Defeat Satan

Learn what abilities are useful and which ones should never be called upon in battle, plus how Blast and Stomp can turn Satan into a punching bag.

Since the release of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, we've been busy wrecking demons at an alarming pace, all with the ultimate goal of putting the hurt on Satan fresh in our mind. Along the way we've learned some tricks, like basic tips to help you get started, or even which of your four active abilities you should focus on and which you should ignore.

Today, we're going to switch gears to something more specific, which is that fight against Satan that we mentioned above. It's the final boss battle in Gat out of Hell, and although fairly straightforward, it will be one of the more challenging activities in the game.

Defeat Satan in the Final Boss Battle

The fight itself doesn't get too crazy as far as boss fights are concerned. Besides the fact that he likes to get up and move around, or call in some minions to aid in his defense, Satan is a pretty simple guy to lay a beating on. In fact, there are really only three things that you'll need to send him to his doom... if there's a worse doom than Hell.

Stomp Active Ability

As far as active abilities go, this one is by far our favorite, although it will not help you to bring harm to Satan himself. What it will do is help you with his minions whenever they spawn. It's so effective that you can demolish almost all of them with one use of your Stomp ability, assuming of course you have it fully upgraded like we do. If you don't, this part might be slightly more challenging, but it should still be quite manageable. Just keep moving closer to Satan's soldiers and stomping them into a darker corner of the afterlife.

Blast Active Ability

Here is where you start to nullify Satan's offense, which to be perfectly honest isn't all that threatening in the first place. The guy likes to pick you up and toss you around from time to time, but keeping him in one place long enough to shoot the fool is the hardest part.

That's where Blast comes in. Even in its most basic form it will turn your enemies to stone, stopping them from moving or firing back. That's when you want to concentrate your fire on the devil. Of course Blast works much better if you have it fully upgraded, something that we spent a ridiculous amount of Soul Clusters to make happen. The result was worth it, however, as we were able to use this ability so often that Satan was forever stuck in a solid and defenseless state.

The Auto Rifle

It really doesn't matter what gun you use to deal damage to the devil, but the auto rifle seems to have a nice balance between rate of fire, magazine size and damage. The only thing you have to watch out for is running out of ammunition and reloading. It's reloading when you'll find that your opponent can cause you harm, which is why effective use of your Blast ability is key.

Should you not have enough rounds in your rifle, feel free to try any other weapon that you desire, especially big ones that cause things to explode. Those are always a good option.

In the end, you just want to toss your Blast ability at Satan, then shoot him until it wears off. Keep doing this over and over again until you're able to finish him off with a punch.

Down Goes the Devil

That's pretty much the formula in a nutshell. Besides having to concern yourself with an effective offense, try to make sure you watch your step in this fight. There are parts of the ground that will hurt you, most notably the fire that surrounds the center of the room. You can do yourself a favor by snagging the health pickups of any enemies you kill.

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