Sakamoto Was Originally Unsure of Super Metroid's Most Famous Scene

The final climactic battle was apparently under debate.

With the SNES Classic coming out later this week, Nintendo is celebrating the occasion by publishing a series of interviews with developers of games that originally came out for the SNES. In one such interview with Metroid creator Yoshio Sakamoto, the Super Metroid director revealed that he had doubts about the final baby Metroid scene in the climax of the game, one of the most iconic in gaming history.

In a discussion about the technology available in the SNES and how it allowed Sakamoto to pursue more cinematic set pieces, the director revealed that "when it came to cinematic parts—and there are many other instances—I worried to the very end about whether they were all right."

Super Metroid box cover

One of those ideas was at the very end of the game when Samus's energy hits zero during a fight with the final boss, temporarily disabling the player. Apparently, Sakamoto's co-workers were unsure of this idea.

"I asked people around me about that, and some said that being unable to do anything wasn't good for a video game, but I really wanted to do that," he said.

"That" being, of course, the scene where the baby Metroid swoops in and rescues Samus.

"I really wanted to put in that scene, just like in a movie, in which the baby Metroid comes to help just when you're desperate and wondering what to do." Luckily the SNES technology and Sakamoto's big desire to have that scene prevailed, otherwise we might not have one of the best Metroid moments, or gaming moments, at all.

We recently re-reviewed Super Metroid as part of our full Metroid game-by-game review series, and we had nothing but praise for it in our perfect score review. Because Super Metroid might be the perfect Metroid game full stop.

The SNES Classic comes out on September 29,

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