Samurai Shodown Release Date Confirmed Alongside Free Season Pass for Early Adopters

SNK is offering the first season of fighters to anyone who joins the fight right away.

Old-school fighter revival Samurai Shodown has a final release date for the US, and a little bonus for early adopters. The game will land on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 25, with a free season pass for anyone who buys the game before June 30.

Those who pick up the game, from either online or physical retailers, will be able to nab a free season pass prior to June 30. No price point has been announced yet for the season pass, which will add four additional characters to the game's 16-fighter starting roster of old and new faces. The Switch and PC versions will have to wait a bit longer. Nintendo's version is set for Q4 2019, while PC will come "at a later date."

The bloodier, deadlier ancestor of the fighting game scene, Samurai Shodown has matches that can end in just a few hits. In its announcement video, SNK details a number of play modes, including a story mode for different characters and "ghost" fighting, where you can challenge trained A.I. that learns to imitate your playstyle.

You can also challenge other players' ghosts, leading to some interesting possibilities. Just got wiped by someone online? Download their ghost and figure out their tricks. See a pro player or streamer who's really good at the game? Pull down their spectre and see just how good firsthand.

Samurai Shodown made waves as a surprising pick for the main stage of Evo 2019, the annual fighting game championship that draws top players from around the world. Considering SNK's success in revitalizing long-running series like King of Fighters, the new Shodown seems worthy of old-school arcade-heads' attention.

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