Screw the Payload! Overwatch Has a Deathmatch Mode Now

Play the new Deathmatch mode in the Overwatch PTR right now.

News by Matt Kim, .

Overwatch is finally bringing in a Deathmatch mode. That's right the era of teamwork is over, now is the time to rake in the highest kill count possible. Deathmatch will roll out to the Overwatch Arcade on the PTR today and come with two modes and a new map.

Overwatch's Deathmatch mode will work like other multiplayer deathmatch modes where either single players or teams try and and get the most kills. The new mode will include a new scoreboard to keep track of your kill count.

For Deathmatch, Overwatch will roll out two new modes, Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch. Free-For-All is as it says on the tin, with eight players racing to see who can get 20 total kills the fastest. Team Deathmatch is a 6v6 mode with the first team to reach 30 kills claiming victory. In a neat twist, Mercy's resurrection ultimate will actually take away kills from the other team's kill count.

Blizzard also announced that several maps have been modified to better suit the new Deathmatch mode. Overwatch will also introduce a new map called Ch√Ęteau Guillard, Widowmaker's family home which was specifically designed for Deathmatch.

One of the big hurdles for a Deathmatch mode in a game like Overwatch is how to balance a specifically aggressive multiplayer mode with a roster of characters as diverse as the one in Overwatch. It's why Blizzard famously refused to add the mode because of the desire to focus on team-based matches. However, as seen with the Mercy resurrection feature, it seems that Blizzard figured out a work-around for players who want to murder enemy players with a support character.

You can check out more details in the new development video, or jump into the new mode in the Overwatch PTR. And remember, Overwatch is currently hosting a new season of Summer Games with some of the best new skins I've ever seen in the game.

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