Scuf Wants to Outdo the Xbox Elite With a Modular Design Alternative

Scuf Wants to Outdo the Xbox Elite With a Modular Design Alternative

Last year's Scuf Vantage for PS4 is met by the Scuf Prestige for Xbox One.

Peripheral manufacturer Scuf Gaming is expanding its line of controllers with the all-new Scuf Prestige. Microsoft licensed Scuf's designs when it built the premium Xbox One Elite controller back in 2016, and Scuf followed that with the Vantage controller for PlayStation 4 last year. Now it's taking the ethos and design from the Vantage and bringing it back to Xbox One. The new controller is called the Scuf Prestige.

Scuf's Prestige doesn't sport the brushed metal finishes of the Microsoft Elite, but it carries many of the same features, like replaceable rear paddles, hair trigger locking, and button remapping. It makes up for the loss by leaning further into the customization aspect. The magnetic faceplate is easy to remove and replace. The thumbsticks can be switched out with a variety of options, from concave and domed tops to three different heights and multiple colors. There are quick trigger stops like the Elite, but you can also fine-tune your trigger pull with the included Scuf key. You can even pull out the rumble motors if you want.

The Prestige has Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring compatibility with the Xbox One, many PCs, and mobile devices. Inside the controller is a lithium-ion battery rated for 30 hours of playtime. And all of this comes in a very light controller: at 262 grams, the Prestige is far lighter than 348g Xbox One Elite.

"We created the category for high-performance gaming controllers almost a decade ago, and our vision was for all controllers of the future to include back functions and trigger control mechanisms," said Scuf Gaming CEO Duncan Ironmonger in a press release. "Fast forward to where we are today, it is very humbling to see how large the professional gaming controller market and esports industry have become. With Scuf Prestige, we've not only built on our institutional knowledge, but have listened to the Xbox community and incorporated new features to deliver what we believe is the best Xbox controller experience to date."

One stumbling block is the price. The Scuf Prestige is available for pre-order at an MSRP of $159.95, which puts it $10 above the Microsoft Elite. There's also the issues that dogged the launch of the Scuf Vantage last year, including fuzzy Bluetooth connectivity, thumbstick drift and deadzone issues, and general durability problems. Scuf has offered later versions of the controller and continued with firmware updates, though some issues still persist.

If you decide that $10 is worth the additional customization and you're not worried about potential problems, you can pre-order and pre-customize it on the Scuf website. Pre-orders will ship within 30 days of purchase.

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