Sea of Thieves Gets More Treasure, But Most Importantly, Dogs

Sea of Thieves Gets More Treasure, But Most Importantly, Dogs

Set sail with some new canine companions.

It's been a couple years since Rare's seafaring multiplayer pirate adventure came ashore, and it's been evolving all the while. In its newest update, Sea of Thieves is adding more ways to find some treasure, including ancient hidden vaults. Most importantly, though, there will be dogs.

As part of September's Vaults of the Ancients update for Sea of Thieves, the Pirate Emporium will start allowing players to pick up a canine companion for their travels. Cats, parrots, and monkeys were all previously available, but now dogs are finally joining the mix.

Alsatian, Whippet, and Inu breeds are available with options for different coat patterns. There are also cosmetic options, like giving your new best friend a cool eyepatch so they can play pirate too. And yes, as confirmed by the Can You Pet the Dog? Twitter account, you can indeed pet the dog.

If you're more in the mood for loot, however, there are new Treasure Vault challenges available at outposts to undertake. These lead to finding hidden Vault Keys and making a choice: handing it over to the Gold Hoarders for a reward, or opting to use it yourself and trying to make it out with the riches while avoiding traps. Come on, we know what option you have to take.

Rare's pirate crew sim has added a lot since its earlier days. Lately, it's been a solid hotspot to gather with friends and hang out virtually while engaging in some light piracy. Through popularity built up by its community of creators and streamers, as well as it being available on Xbox Game Pass, Sea of Thieves certainly looks like an appealing getaway in these times. Maybe it's time to boot back up and go looking for some treasure to finance my ship full of trusty pirate dogs.

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