Sea of Thieves: How to Beat the Molten Sands Fortress Raid

Sea of Thieves: How to Beat the Molten Sands Fortress Raid

We show you how to bring down the volcanic skeleton fort in The Devil's Roar and get the loot inside.

The new Crews of Rage update for Sea of Thieves seems to be working three distinct themes: fire, skeletons and treasure, and the newest skeleton fort raid mixes all three. We'll show you how to beat the Molten Sands Fortress here.

How to Beat the Molten Sands Fortress

The objective here is simply to survive 15 separate waves of skeleton attackers, the last three of which will include boss skeletons of some sort. This is the same procedure as other fort raids, but Molten Sands distinguishes itself with a tempermental, volcanic landscape that can work for and against you.

How to Start the Molten Sands Fortress Raid

You'll know if Molten Sands is ready to be raided because there'll be a giant glowing skull-shaped cloud in the sky directly above it. Seriously, you can't miss it. All Skeleton Forts announce their readiness this way, so if you're not sure if it's the Molten Sands one, use your compass and map to judge the direction of the cloud and whether it's in the direction of The Devil's Roar. Molten Sands is at the coordinates Z-11, and the raid will begin the moment a player steps onto its shores, drawing in attacks of skeletons. However, first you've got to get there.

How to Get to Molten Sands Fortress

Molten Sands is no picnic to approach, guarded by three cannon towers: one on the West side, one at the East, and one at the South-East. There's no perfect way in, but we had the best success by coming from the South and curving round Eastward, as the respective tower struggles to get perfect line of sight. Blow it up with your own cannons the moment you have line of sight, then park your ship in the Eastern bay and bring down the other Eastern tower before moving onto the Island itself. You'll want your ship as close as possible once the raid starts - for a couple of reasons.

Lava, undead hordes and cannons attacks. Why did we come here again? | Joel Franey/USgamer, Rare/Xbox Game Studios

How to Complete the Raid

Like with most things in Sea of Thieves, it's best to have multiple players, especially considering that you'll be battling the landscape as much as anything. Dying during the raid isn't actually too much of a problem - you'll just spawn back at the ship - but if the ship itself is sunk, you'll be sent to a distant island in a whole other region.

The island itself is a sloping fortress that can be split roughly into four sections: the shoreline, the fortress courtyard, the vault cave and the rickety watchtower at the top. We recommend you do most of your fighting in the courtyard, it's an open area with geometry you can exploit nicely, as well as not being too far from the sea to check your ship. Beyond that, here are some important tips to completing the raid.

  • Fight next to the geysers - Random cracks will often appear in the ground, shooting out powerful jets of water. If you stand on them they'll launch you up and you'll take major fall damage if you don't land in the sea. However, the skeletons just get vaporised by them, even the more powerful gold ones. Watch your feet and use them to your advantage; sometimes you can clear a whole crowd by luring them onto a danger zone.
  • Survey the area for food, ammo crates and gunpowder kegs - You'll know when a wave ends because there'll be a bit of fanfare with horns in the background. You have about twenty seconds in those moments to empty all the barrels in the area for food and check for gunpowder kegs you can use.
  • Ashen Skeletons are immune to fire, Gold Skeletons need to be soaked, Ghost Skeletons need your lantern on them. - Certain skeletons have specific weaknesses or strengths, but the Gold and Ghost ones are most annoying. When it comes to the Ghost ones, raising your lantern close to them will make them tangible again, but when it comes to the slow-moving and damage-resistant Gold Skeletons, splashing them with water will cause them to rust, slowing even more and taking more damage from attacks. We suggest luring them to the sea and watching them stiffen before you lay into them with your sword.
Fighting on the raised balcony is a good way to bottleneck the numerous skeleton hordes. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Rare/Xbox Game Studios
  • If the volcano erupts, run back to the ship - This is the real nightmare of the raid, that Molten Sands' inaccessible Southern island is a volcano that explodes regularly. You'll want at least one person at the boat when this happens to stop it from burning and sinking, else you run the risk of having to restart the whole nightmarish process again. The raid will wait, just make sure your ship stays intact.
  • Boss skeletons are immune to the geysers - Well, not entirely immune, they will be staggered, but they also won't explode into fragments like the others. Don't bother trying to lure them around, just keep pouring in damage until they go down.
  • The balcony above the fort entrance is a perfect holdout point - As you enter the fort courtyard, there'll be a looping wood path above you, and there's very few problems that can't be solved by standing at the end of it and letting the skeletons come to you. There's an ammo chest you can use there, the skeletons can't swarm you, and if you jump down, they'll walk back and take the long route rather than jump down, giving you the chance to eat food and reload your gun before they reach you.

Raid Rewards and Loot

Once you kill the final boss, they'll drop a key that can be used in the fortress vault, accessible through the cave that goes down from the courtyard. Inside will be a guaranteed Chest of Rage and numerous random Ashen Treasures that can be sold to the Bilge Rats or the Gold Hoarders.

The last boss of the raid will drop a key that can be used to open the vault and grab the loot for yourself. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Rare/Xbox Game Studios

Hopefully that's the information you'll need to bring down Molten Sands for good. If you need more help, you can find out everything you'll need to know about the new Chests of Rage here, as well as changing your character's appearance here.

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