Sea of Thieves: How to Change Your Character's Appearance (2020)

Sea of Thieves: How to Change Your Character's Appearance (2020)

The new Crews of Rage update allows you to alter your pirate's face, not just cosmetic hair and clothes. We'll show you how to do that with the Pirate Appearance potion.

Now that the new February 2020 Crews of Rage update for Sea of Thieves is out, players finally have the ability to change their character's appearance and return to character creation. We'll show you how to do that here and what's involved.

How to Change Your Character's Appearance

To change your character's appearance, follow these steps:

  • Load up the Main Menu.
  • Rather than going into a game, head into the Pirate Emporium store.
  • Go to the "Pirates" tab at the top.
  • Select the "Pirate Appearance Potion" and pay the Ancient Coins involved.
  • Exit and log back into Sea of Thieves. You will be presented with character creation identical to the first time you played, only now you'll keep your progress from before.

This is a notable change for the series; prior to now players could only change their appearance either through superficial cosmetics such as clothes, hair and make-up, or were forced to delete their character and begin again with a fresh one.

How Much Does Changing Your Appearance Cost?

The fact that you can only buy the Appearance Potion with Ancient Coins means it'll probably cost you real money via microtransactions. There are ways to collect Ancient Coins in game, which we've listed here, but otherwise the Potion costs 149 Coins, which is around two dollars worth.

This potion allows you to change your appearance once per purchase. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Rare/Xbox Game Studios

If that was helpful to you, then you can expect more Sea of Thieves guides coming. Or why not check out our previous ones? We've got a full walkthrough of the perilous "Shroudbreaker" Voyage here, or you can follow this link for a full explanation of the beacons of light and the treasure beneath them.

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