Sea of Thieves: How to Find and Sell Chests of Rage and Keep Them from Exploding

Sea of Thieves: How to Find and Sell Chests of Rage and Keep Them from Exploding

Chests of Rage are valuable, dangerous cargo for any pirate. We'll show you how to move them around like a professional.

One of the newest additions to Sea of Thieves is Chests of Rage, fiery crates of treasure that run the risk of killing those that carry them. We'll show you here where to find and sell Chests of Rage, as well as how to move them about safely and easily.

Chests of Rage Explained

Chests of Rage (which we'll refer to as Ragers from here on) are the natural counterpoint to the already existing Chests of Sorrow. Ragers function like regular treasure chests, with the exception that they explode roughly every two minutes and badly damage anything around it, including players, ships, skeletons and cargo, as well as generating a lot of fire. They can't be opened, only sold to the Gold Hoarders, or to the Masked Stranger on The Reaper's Hideout.

Chests of Rage are worth a lot of money. They'll also generate huge explosions regularly, just to keep things interesting. | Joel Franey/Usgamer, Rare/Xbox Game Studios

Where to Find Chests of Rage

Currently there are only two places to find Ragers:

  • As an objective for a treasure hunt at the Crews of Rage Mercenary Voyages. You can start these by talking to Duke, who will be in any outpost Tavern. As far as we know, all these Ragers are found in The Devil's Roar.
  • As a reward for defeating all the waves of skeletons at the Molten Sands Fortress in Devil's Roar (coordinates Z-11)

We'll be sure to add more information accordingly if more ways to find it are added, but for now those are the only two ways to acquire one (with the exception of plundering another player's ship).

Duke will currently sell you Mercenary Voyages that lead to Chests of Rage. | Joel Franey/Usgamer, Rare/Xbox Game Studios

How to Stop Chests of Rage from Exploding

There's nothing in the game that says this directly, but the way to stop Ragers from detonating is pretty simple: douse them with water. Whether you drop them in the ocean, pour a bucket of water on them, or even just keep them out in the rain, any amount of water will stop them from going off. Keep in mind that this doesn't disarm them, it only resets the two minute timer to zero. And yet by keeping them constantly wet you can prevent them from ever exploding. Of course, it's not easy to keep running down to the hold with a fresh bucket of water when you're trying to steer a boat through a kraken's grasping tentacles, but there is an easy way to manage.

How to Carry and Move Chests of Rage Safely Between Islands

If you want to stop your own Ragers from raging too hard, leave them on the coastline before you bring them back to the ship. Go back to your boat, and use either the water barrel or just the sea to scoop up water in a bucket and flood your own hold, pouring it out onto the floor. You don't need to do this much, just make sure that the whole surface is covered and about ankle-deep.

By keeping it half-sunk in your own hold, you can stop a Chest from going BOOM. | Joel Franey/Usgamer, Rare/Xbox Game Studios

.After that, simply grab the Rager between explosions and bring it quickly back to the hold. Place it as far away from anything else (just in case), so that it's partly submerged. You'll know if the water's deep enough to cool the chest because there'll be a hiss and a cloud of steam, not to mention the orange glow subsiding rapidly. Now you don't need to worry about it, simply bringing it back to one of several buyers who will take it off you. Keep in mind that this will cause the water to boil, inflicting minor damage on anybody who stands in it, but it's better than a fireball punching out the front of your ship.

Where to Sell Chests of Rage

As mentioned, there's two organizations that will take Ragers off you: the Gold Hoarders, who can be found at any outpost, and the Masked Stranger, who can only be found in her tent at The Reaper's Hideout (J-12). For one Chest of Rage, the Hoarders will give you between 3000 and 3500 gold, and you'll gain a significant amount of reputation with them for doing so. The Masked Stranger will give you double that - about 7000 gold - but you won't get reputation for any faction, and she's a long way from The Devil's Roar.

That's everything you'll need to know about making money from Chests of Rage. If you want to know how to change your appearance, just follow this link. Or if you want to learn about how to beat the Shroudbreaker chest and make a lot of gold doing so, just follow this one.

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