Sea of Thieves: How to Use the Fishing Rod and Catch Fish

Sea of Thieves: How to Use the Fishing Rod and Catch Fish

We show you how you can use the fishing rod to get food and even make some money.

Sitting on the deck of your sloop reeling in fish might not be the most glamorous pastime in Sea of Thieves, but it can be a good way to acquire food and even make some gold along the way. In this guide, we'll show you how to fish and how to make gold through fishing in all seven seas.

How to Fish in Sea of Thieves

Fishing in Sea of Thieves requires you to have a rod, and potentially some sort of bait if you want to catch specific fish. The rod isn't a problem - you'll be given one as a default whenever you start the game, found in the "more" section of the item menu along with your various musical instruments.

Once you have the rod equipped and in your hand, you can put bait on it - if you have any - by going back into the item menu. Now there should be an option for bait, though you can fish without it depending on your location, as some fish are stupid enough to bite on an empty hook without any provocation.

After that, simply cast your rod into the sea. You can do this even if the ship is moving. After a while, the camera should start to move independently, focusing on a shape in the water. This can take a little time, maybe even a minute or two, so don't be impatient. The shape will bite onto the hook and now it's you versus nature.

How to Reel In and Catch Fish

Once the fish has bitten down, you'll have to exhaust it before you pull it in. Too much tension on the line will cause it to snap and let the fish escape, so the trick here is to keep a certain amount of pressure so that the fish tires itself trying to get away, then reeling it in once it stops to recover. Don't press the interaction button to reel it in yet, just use the mouse/analog stick to pull the rod away from whatever direction the fish is going. If it swims to the right, pull to the left. If it goes left, pull right. If it heads directly away from you, pull up. The camera will judder about if the line is about to break, so use that to gage your actions accordingly.

Putting different kinds of bait on the line will attract different fish. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Rare/Xbox Game Studios

Once the fish is tuckered out, the line will go notably slack, which is when you want to start reeling in. However, it won't be long before it gets a second wind, and you'll have to exhaust it again. Repeat this process until you pull it close to the boat and out of the water. It'll stay on the line, but you can pick it up and put it in your consumables inventory (sadly there's no option to wield it as a melee weapon yet).

How to Cook Fish

If you have a fish in your hand, you can eat it now if you want to puke from food poisoning, or take it to a stove (there should be one below deck). Once you put it in there, there's no easy way to guess how long it'll take, especially with different fish needing different cooking times, so you'll have to watch it to see when it looks properly cooked. Steam is a good way to check - put it in for the first time, and there'll be a lot of it. When the fish is nearly done, the steam will thin out and nearly disappear altogether.

How to Sell Fish

You can pawn off cooked and raw fish of any kind to The Hunter's Call, a ragtag company of survivalists who have somebody at every outpost. Their stalls are marked by a symbol of a fish between a shark's jaws. Prices vary substantially, but cooked fish are worth more than raw fish, but burnt ones are worth the least of all, so be careful not to overcook them.

Trophy Fish Explained

There are dozens of breeds of fish, but each one has a trophy variant that will put up more of a fight. Trophy fish are larger and the text on them will make it clear that they are trophy versions, saying as much to make it clear. As you can probably guess, trophy fish are worth a lot more money, and there are commendations for selling 25, 50 and 100 trophy fish respectively.

If you hook a Megalodon, probably best to just throw the rod in the water and run. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Rare/Xbox Game Studios

If that was helpful, why not check out this guide on finding and using the mysterious Ashen Keys? Or you can always check this out to see our full beginner's guide to the Cursed Sails update.

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