Sea of Thieves Players get Private Crew Option and Expansion Release Date Next Week

No more having to listen to teenage high school gossip as a third wheel while you to try to get your Pirate on.

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A hearty "Yo ho ho!" to ye all from the depths of Candle Cove. Rare's pirate MMO Sea of Thieves has a couple of big updates in store, not the smallest of which is the ability to form private crews with your mates. That should put an end to randos popping up on your ship—and it should also mean the end becoming an awkward third wheel yourself.

Sea of Thieves' Executive Producer Joe Neate talks about private crews in this week's video update for the game. The private crew option was supposed to launch this week, but Rare knocked it to next week to fix an issue affecting the PC version of the game.

In fact, next week will bring a barge full of Sea of Thieves updates with it. In the video update, Neate outlines and addresses player requests, including the suggestion to hide Gamertags when players plunge underwater for stealthy PvP action (it's getting done). The info motherlode, however, is news about the much-awaited Hungering Deep content expansion—Sea of Thieves' first major content expansion since the game's launch in March. Neate says we'll see a trailer for that sail in next week, alongside a firm release date.

We'll keep a wary eye on the water. You should go ahead and read our tips, hints, and guides for everything related to Sea of Thieves. The pirate who prepares is the pirate who lives.

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  • Avatar for NightingaleXP #1 NightingaleXP 5 months ago
    How in the world did the game not launch with this feature? Everything about this release seems increasingly bare-bones.
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