Sea of Thieves Players Have Already Killed the Kraken, and it's a Bit of a Downer

Sea of Thieves Players Have Already Killed the Kraken, and it's a Bit of a Downer

Break out the cocktail sauce, I guess.

For as long as humans have roamed the seas, we've sought to kill the things that claimed the planet's great waters as their home millions of years ago. Sea of Thieves' oceans are already well and truly plundered as several bands of pirates found and killed the mythical Kraken in record time.

The Kraken, one of Sea of Thieves' showcase monsters, pushes its many tentacles up from the water when ships sail too close to its territory. While we don't see the Kraken's hideous head or beak during the encounter, each tentacle is tipped with a voracious mouth that's hungry for pirate flesh. You and your crew need to shoot and stab each tentacle to make it retreat, preferably before any of the rubbery appendages wind around the hull of your ship and puncture holes in the wood.

While banding together with your mates to turn the Kraken into calamari looks fun, the event appears anti-climactic. Going by the video footage currently available, the tentacles wave around in the distance more often than they attack (though it's still possible to get sucked into one of the tentacles' "mouths," forcing you to cut your way out or die), and the beast falls with little fanfare other than an Achievement. Bit of a far cry from Rare's artwork of the Kraken turning a pirate ship into matchsticks and flinging bodies everywhere.

Sea of Thieves is still very new (like, "You might get error messages if you try to connect" new), so there's every chance Rare will add to the iconic encounter to jazz it up a bit. For now, you still don't want to take this beast lightly. Read our guide on how to find and kill the Kraken. If you're not ready to make the plunge, so to speak, we have tons of beginners' guides for Sea of Thieves. Come doggy-paddle with us!

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