Sea of Thieves Teases Giant Sharks in the Hungering Deep Expansion

A big, big shark.

News by Matt Kim, .

Sea of Thieves is readying pirates to take on the "Hungering Deep," a new expansion for the game that will add new content, and true to its name, a new undersea terror. A new trailer released for the expansion sheds a little more light on what players could possibly face in the expansion. Spoiler alert: it might be a big shark.

The trailer doesn't offer any gameplay footage of the next expansion, but focuses instead about an ancient lore regarding giant sharks. So you know, the next expansion probably has something to do with those. The name of the expansion is kind of a big hint as well.

The free expansion will be available on May 29 for Xbox One and PC players. So don't worry about any additional purchases or anything like that. Instead, just start preparing for when shark week comes to Sea of Thieves next week.

Sea of Thieves is Rare's latest adventure game where players take on the role of pirates tasked with exploring the seven seas for treasure. Rare's pirate game was received fairly well by players, but they're looking forward to more content which the Hungering Deep should provide.

You can check out our Sea of Thieves guide to get started. If you're a member of Microsoft's Game Pass program for $9.99 a month, you can download Sea of Thieves as part of the subscription.

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