A Second Character Slot in Metal Gear Survive Will Cost you $10/£8

Konami angers Metal Gear fans, again.

Microtransactions aren’t exactly new to the Metal Gear series, and they’ve reared their head once again in Metal Gear Survive, released on February 20 in the US and today in the UK and Europe. One in particular is causing anger amongst Metal Gear fans.

As soon as you launch Metal Gear Survive, you’ll be prompted to create an avatar to play through both the single-player campaign and the online portion of the game with. To create a new character for a second playthrough however, you’ll have to shell out $9.99 or £7.99 on the PSN, Xbox Store, or Steam for Survival Coins, the microtransaction currency of Metal Gear Survive. This isn't going down well on gaming forum ResetEra.

If you share your PSN/Xbox Live/Steam account with a family member, each additional player will need to part with $9.99 in order to play with their own character. Spending this amount of cash will net you 1,150 SV Coins, 1,000 of which you’ll need to spend on the title screen of the game if you want to unlock a second character for an additional playthrough of Metal Gear Survive.

While you can modify the way your character looks in the Base Camp area of Metal Gear Survive, you can’t change their gender, meaning that if you want to switch up part way through your playthrough, you’ll need to start all over again. Although you can delete your avatar from the main menu of Metal Gear Survive, it’ll cost you to run two characters in conjunction.

You can head over to our review in-progress of Metal Gear Survive right now, where we’re one day deep into analysing how the game functions as both a Metal Gear title, and a survival action game. For a complete rundown of everything you can find in the game, head over to our Metal Gear Survive guide.

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