Sega Genesis Collection Announced for PS4, Xbox One, but Not the Switch [Update]

Over 50 classic Genesis games included.

News by Matt Kim, .

Update 2: The Sega Genesis Collection is announced for real this time with the newest Sega classic collection arriving on May 29 for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. Once again, the collection was not announced for the Nintendo Switch.

Update 1: Looks like the announcement went up a little too early. A spokesperson for Sega reached out to USgamer with the following statement: "The gun was jumped a little bit there on the SEGA Genesis Classics announcement. When we are in a position to properly announce it, with an official release date and official SEGA communication, we will. Stay tuned!"

Original Story: Sega just surprise announced a new Sega Genesis Classics collection for the PS4 and Xbox One, but weirdly enough, not the Nintendo Switch. The new collection is expected to ship in May 2018 and will include over 50 games.

No word yet on which games specifically will be in the collection, although the release trailer teases a few of the obvious candidates like Sonic, Streets of Rage, and Golden Axe. The collection was first put up on Sega's press site (h/t Sega Nerds) but for some reason the company hasn't actually made the official announcement.

There was even a box art attached, meaning that there will be a physical release for the new Sega Genesis Classics collection on PS4 and Xbox One. But again, no mention of a Switch version. At the time of the official confirmation it doesn't seem like the collection will be making it to Nintendo's hybrid.

This is not the first Sega Genesis Collection the company has released. In 2009, a Genesis Collection was released physically for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and featured over 40 games, while on Steam you can purchase all the Genesis games in a bundle. There's also a mobile version of the collection on iOS and Android. This is the first time the collection is available on the newest generation of consoles however.

We've reached out to Sega for more details will update the story as more information becomes available. In the meantime, you can try and pour over the announcement trailer and see if you can pick out what games will be appearing in the new Genesis Collection.

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  • Avatar for Compeau #1 Compeau 6 months ago
    That's so dumb. How hard is it to release emulated games on Switch?
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  • Avatar for link6616 #2 link6616 6 months ago
    @Compeau Well Hamster seems to only be able to release Neo geo games every week or 2, so it's clearly super hard.
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  • Avatar for docexe #3 docexe 6 months ago
    My reaction upon seeing the original headline: "OH! FOR THE LOVE OF... *face-palm*"

    My reaction after reading the article: "So there's still a chance. Better to wait and see, I guess."Edited March 2018 by docexe
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  • Avatar for bigbadboaz #4 bigbadboaz 6 months ago
    @Compeau Relax. The collection has probably been in the works a little while, on two systems that have been around longer. The way things are going, there is no doubt this will also appear on Switch.
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  • Avatar for Roto13 #5 Roto13 6 months ago
    I really hope this is a lot better than the Ultimate Genesis Collection from last generation. I'm still mad that anyone ever hired Backbone to do anything. They were so inept.
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #6 chaoticBeat 6 months ago
    Deleted March 2018 by chaoticBeat
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  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #7 chaoticBeat 6 months ago
  • Avatar for chaoticBeat #8 chaoticBeat 6 months ago
    Ugh sorry, tried to link a video.
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  • Avatar for SuperShinobi #9 SuperShinobi 6 months ago
    Vita would be the perfect platform for this. I'm currently playing the Phantasy Star games on the Vita via the PSP's Genesis collection. Genesis games look really nice on the Vita's small OLED screen.
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  • Avatar for Jonnyboy407 #10 Jonnyboy407 6 months ago
    Fuck you too, Sega. Fuck you too.

    (Joking of course. I'm sure it'll happen)
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  • Avatar for LBD_Nytetrayn #11 LBD_Nytetrayn 6 months ago
    @docexe If you mean about a Switch version, the video didn't have the logo at the end -- just PS4, Xbox One, and I think Steam.
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  • Avatar for scottygrayskull #12 scottygrayskull 6 months ago
    @Compeau Sega and Nintendo still got their beef. They want to make sure people still know that Genesis does what Nintendon't! ;)

    I wonder if this'll just be a port of the UGC for PS3/360.
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  • Avatar for docexe #13 docexe 6 months ago
    @LBD_Nytetrayn The headline of the article was different before the update, and yeah, it pointed out the lack of Switch version. Hopefully there will be a port, although I presume at a later date.
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  • Avatar for BulkSlash #14 BulkSlash 6 months ago
    The Megadrive again? I really hope this time there are at least some new games like Contra Hard Corps and maybe stuff like Virtua Racing and some 32X and MegaCD games. This recycling of the same old Megadrive ROMs is getting really tiresome.

    Not to mention the lack of Saturn, Dreamcast and Model 1/2/3 Arcade collections...
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  • Avatar for keralataxi #15 keralataxi 6 months ago
    Good work and thank you for sharing this with us.I hope kerala taxi booking you add more details about ht topic.
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  • Avatar for INSOMANiAC #16 INSOMANiAC 6 months ago
    Seems pretty obvious theres no Switch version because they likely want them on Nintendos online service thingy, getting a little piece of the subscription pie every month off Nintendo.... That's my prediction and I'm stuck with it
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  • Avatar for Irvyne #17 Irvyne 6 months ago
    I've got the Mega Drive collection on PS2. It does what it says on the box.
    I could only imagine the only reason this wouldn't be on Switch is that Sega is hoping to jump on the Virtual Console bandwagon later this year.
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  • Avatar for Sturat #18 Sturat 6 months ago
    Hopefully it isn't a buggy mess with awful sound like what Backbone made last time.
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  • Avatar for Macuelos #19 Macuelos 6 months ago
    It's unfortunate that there's a good chance the original Phantasy Star won't be included in this collection... again. I'm pretty sure at this point the only legitimate ways to play that game are 1) the original cart, 2) a Phantasy Star collection for... PS2?, 3) some JP-only SEGA Collection for PS3 (which does have English text), and 4) the Wii Virtual Console. Not that you'll be able to add funds to buy that Wii version for very long still.

    But from what I recall the translation is pretty poor, so it might be better to look for a patch anyway. Still bought the game on Wii though, gotta show that #Support.
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  • Avatar for Minkukel #20 Minkukel 6 months ago
    It wouldn't surprise me if it's the same collection of games that's currently on Steam.
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  • Avatar for mobichan #21 mobichan 6 months ago
    I am really curious who is working on this for Sega. i think that will cement whether a lot of people end up buying it.

    As for the Switch, isn't it reasonable to assume Genesis games will appear on VC whenever it is launched? Releasing a collection would undermine the "nickel and diming" policy Nintendo loves so much. I mean, don't you really want ANOTHER way to buy Altered Beast for way too much money on VC?
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  • Avatar for Funny_Colour_Blue #22 Funny_Colour_Blue 6 months ago

    I want to point this out, this is actually the 3rd genesis collection they released:

    Back in 2006 in association with digital eclipse/backbone , they released a small collection consisting of 28 games for the PS2 and PSP - this original release was quite significant, because they had done interviews with a lot of developers, who had worked on these games. So when "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection" was released for PS3 and Xbox360 in 2009 (which had 49 games), they would later reuse those interviews, they original did for that collection in 2006 for the 2009 collection as well. Edited 3 times. Last edited March 2018 by Funny_Colour_Blue
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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #23 SIGGYZtar 6 months ago
    @mobichan Indeed, a Genesis collection of 50 games on the Switch would overshadow anything Nintendo would be announcing by E3 if it were to come out the month before the show happens. Though it is odd why Nintendo allowed Capcom to release the Street Fighter Collection in the same time frame. After all, THE Sega game(s) on a Nintendo system isn't shocking anymore.
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  • Avatar for Funny_Colour_Blue #24 Funny_Colour_Blue 6 months ago
    @Hoolo the original Phantasy Star was included on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for PS3 and Xbox360 in 2009.
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  • Avatar for MarioIV #25 MarioIV 6 months ago
    I already have all those games for the big screen, I want them on Switch.
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  • Avatar for Galgomite #26 Galgomite 6 months ago
    The Sega of today seems to live in two dimensions. In one, it remains 90's great and makes Yakuza; in the other, it aspires to one day be Konami.
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  • Avatar for Galgomite #27 Galgomite 6 months ago
    @Galgomite This looks bad right now but surely the Virtual Console is coming soon???
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  • Avatar for SIGGYZtar #28 SIGGYZtar 6 months ago
    @Galgomite Sega releasing games more often puts it over Konami.
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  • Avatar for mobichan #29 mobichan 6 months ago
    @SIGGYZtar I think Street Fighter is probably getting special consideration since it brings more online gaming to Switch. Not one game on the Genesis would do that (as much as people would want it for games like Streets of Rage). But that just a guess.
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  • Avatar for GaijinD #30 GaijinD 6 months ago
    @mobichan@SIGGYZtar Probably also worth noting that the Street Fighter collection is all arcade games, which Nintendo only briefly attempted to include in Virtual Console.
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  • Avatar for Cabbage-head-must-di #31 Cabbage-head-must-di 6 months ago
    I goddamn knew it the second my friend told me about the collection; I asked him if was just the same shit sega has been churning out for the last decade, he just smiled and said "yup."
    I get it, the genesis was their heyday but they have three systems worth of fantastic games that could be mined. I already have shinobi and streets of rage, I want panzer dragoon and blazing heroes. Give us something weird and different, dig deep sega!
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