Sega Genesis Mini Lineup Looking Stronger by the Day as Another 10 Games are Added

There are now 20 games announced for the Sega Genesis Mini.

Sega has announced the next 10 games coming to the Sega Genesis Mini, including some more mascots like Earthworm Jim, Mickey Mouse, and of course, more Sonic.

There will be 40 games total in the Sega Genesis Mini when it launches later this year, but Sega seems to be announcing the games 10 at a time. It's a great way to build anticipation for the mini system, and the next 10 games Sega just announced are in fact pretty good. They include:

  • Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
  • World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
  • Thunder Force 3
  • Super Fantasy Zone
  • Shinobi 3
  • Streets of Rage 2
  • Earthworm Jim
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Contra: Hard Corps
  • Landstalker

These games join an existing lineup of games that include Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin, Castlevania: Bloodlines, and more. There are still 20 games left to announce for the Sega Genesis Mini as well.

Like the NES Classic, the Sega Genesis Mini is a miniaturized version of the Model 1 Genesis that was released in North America in 1989. It includes 40 games, two replica three-button Genesis controllers, and will be powered via Micro-B USB. The ports are being handled by M2 who worked on Sega Ages and the Sega 3D Classics Collection.

Though it was initially announced that the Genesis Mini would be based on similar plug-and-play consoles from AtGames, Sega tapped M2 to ensure the quality of the new ports. They even got Streets of Rage composer Yuzo Koshiro to create a new menu theme for the device.

You can pre-order the Sega Genesis Mini right now for $79.99 in the U.S. The console will be available worldwide on September 19, 2019.

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