Sega Sammy in the Running to Buy Atlus' Parent Company

Sega Sammy is one of 20 companies that are interested in purchasing Index Corporation.

According to a report by Bloomberg Japan (translated by DualShockers), Sega Sammy Holdings is one of 20 companies that has made a bid on Atlus parent company Index Corporation. It was reported that bids went as high as ¥20 billion yen ($202.2 million) in the auction held earlier this week.

The initial value of the company was estimated at ¥15 billion ($151.6 million), so Index is coming out ahead. The company has ¥24.5 billion yen ($248 million) in debt, which is what led Index to enter managed bankruptcy in late June. Index Corp. will choose candidates soon and determine the final buyer by the end of the month. Regardless of the outcome, Index Corporation chief executive officer and president Yoshimi Ogawa Ochiai and Board chairman Masami Ochiai have already said that they would both resign.

What does this mean for Atlus? Currently nothing. Until we find out who has become Index's new owner, any speculation about Atlus's fate is throwing darts while blindfolded.

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