Sega Shows Off Shenmue I & II's Real-Life Inspirations in New Video

Return to Dobuita Street shows players what the real location is like ahead of Shenmue I & II's release.

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Shenmue I & II is coming to modern platforms next month, and ahead of that release, Sega is celebrating the series' history. In a new video entitled Return to Dobuita Street, Sega follows Youtuber Adam Koralik and comedian Imran Yusuf as they travel to the real life Dobuita Street that inspired the location in the games.

"From convenience stores to vending machines, the open-world of Shenmue still bears resemblance to the bustling and lively real world locations, and its very faithful representation of Dobuita Street immersed over a million players in Ryo’s quest to avenge his father. To this day, dozens of Shenmue fans like Adam and Imran visit Dobuita Street every year to retrace Ryo Hazuki’s footsteps, recalling their love for Shenmue and how they felt playing the games for the very first time," says Sega.

The video compares the in-game locations with their real-world counterparts, showing just how close Sega got in their recreations all those years ago. Yusuf even wears his own version of Ryo's signature outfit.

This is only the first in a series of respective videos leading up to the release. Shenmue I & II is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on August 21.

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  • Avatar for AstroDemon #1 AstroDemon 4 months ago
    Though it's now dated, I loved the immersion into 1980's Dobuita Shenmue brought back in 1999. There was nothing like it, and even the mundane stuff was so detailed back then. There wasn't another game as good-looking and immersive as this one back then.

    I'm hoping these ports are good. It'd be nice to have a definitive modern version of both of these.
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  • Avatar for TheSensationalSean #2 TheSensationalSean 4 months ago
    I'm crazy excited to play these games for the first time (since I never owned a Dreamcast), so I love seeing stuff like this. Shenmue has always intrigued me, and any game that ignites passion like this is a must-play.
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