Shadow of the Colossus Remake's Hidden Easter Egg Solved

Spoiler warning.

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The Shadow of the Colossus PS4 remake is out now, and however you feel about the game's updated graphics, it's a true-to-the-source follow-up. That is, except for a secret new addition included into the game by way of 79 mysterious hidden coins you can collect in the game. This week, the mystery behind those coins were revealed.

Spoilers below, you've been warned.

Yesterday, the YouTube channel "PS4Trophies" managed to find all the hidden coins with the help of the Shadow of the Colossus community. But it was a hint from famous SOTC YouTube "Noad Colossus" that helped PS4Trophies figure out the final clue to unlocking the coins' mystery.

The mysteryious coin hunt was kicked off when a end credit message made a special thank you to "Nomad Colossus and the 79 steps to enlightenment." Players gathered the 79 steps meant 79 coins.

Collecting the coins made a locked door outside of the game's main hub, the Shrine of Worship, light up. In the original game, the door didn't unlock, but can be interacted with in the PS4 version. After getting bit lost, Nomad Colossus tweeted at PS4Trophies to interact with this mysterious door, which after collecting all the coins, opened to reveal a hidden throne room.

Image captured from video by PS4Trophies

The room hides The Sword of Dormin, a new weapon that gives players an attack buff but reduces health regeneration. The beam of light from the character's sword is also replaced by a shadow beam when using the Sword of Dormin. Dormin being the name of the god the player makes a pact with to save Mono.

It's a pretty neat addition to the game, though some fans were disappointed that collecting the coins didn't uncover a mysterious new colossus. Still, it's cool that the developers got to add something extra into the PS4 remake in the first place, as these little easter eggs can add an extra incentive to revisit a game some players might have played several times already.

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  • Avatar for MetManMas #1 MetManMas 8 months ago
    Aw, I was hoping the coins would unlock a hidden PS2 on PS4 port of the original game, or maybe ICO...Actually, scratch that. I WASN'T hoping for those things as a reward for all the coins, because locking them behind that would be really cruel.

    Anyway, it's definitely neat that Bluepoint got to add a few little things like that to the game.
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  • Avatar for PSegAgesPete #2 PSegAgesPete 8 months ago
    so is this dormin sword also known as the sword of life dlc when game was pre-ordered?
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  • Avatar for Tetragrammaton #3 Tetragrammaton 8 months ago
    Aww, that's cute. Glad the team got the chance to put a personal mark on the game.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #4 MetManMas 8 months ago
    @PSegAgesPete No, they're different swords. The Life Sword boosts your health regeneration rate; the Sword of Dormin boosts your attack at the expense of it. Edited February 2018 by MetManMas
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