Shenmue 3 Was a Much Simpler Game Before Deep Silver Agreed to Publish It

Shenmue 3 Was a Much Simpler Game Before Deep Silver Agreed to Publish It

In the Beginning, there was only story and quick time events.

Shenmue 3 is nearly here. Give yourself a moment to let that sink in, if you like. The words "Shenmue 3" still feel a little unreal after the series' long hibernation on top of the game's repeated delays. Shenmue series creator Yu Suzuki believes the wait will be well worth it, because he was "able to make a game that was several levels higher than the initial project."

Suzuki sat down for a talk with GameSpot at Gamescom 2019. He looked back on Shenmue 3's development now that all the heavy lifting is done and talked about how his partnership with publisher Deep Silver has proven hugely beneficial. Without Deep Silver's aid, Suzuki and his staff at Ys Net would have had to make a much simpler game with the $6.3 million Shenmue 3's Kickstarter pulled in.

"The most important part is the story, so I would have done the story, that's for sure," Suzuki says. "It would have been a type of game where you just observed a story going on with some [Quick Time Events]."

Luckily for Shenmue fans, Suzuki's "higher" realization of Shenmue 3 has plenty of minigames, Gatcha items, and, of course, forklift driving. Eric says Shenmue 3 feels very much like a Dreamcast game, and for a most Shenmue fans, that sounds perfect.

Like most artists, Suzuki still wants to add more to his completed work, but understands there's never an end to the creative process. "I've been making games since 1983 and there wasn't once where I could do everything I wanted," he says. "All the time, it's about half of the things I wanted to do. But since I could complete at least half of it, I am happy. If I manage to do everything 100%, I won't have anything to do next."

Shenmue 3 arrives November 19 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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