Shenmue 3's First DLC Will Let You Play As Someone Other Than Ryo

Shenmue 3's First DLC Will Let You Play As Someone Other Than Ryo

Some new playable characters enter the fray.

There's some more content on the way for those eager for the next steps in Ryo Hazuki's quest for vengeance and answers. Shenmue 3 will get Battle Rally DLC, the first pack of downloadable content for the game, later this month, and it has a series first: you get to play as someone other than Ryo.

In addition to Ryo, you'll be able to play as his sparring partner Wei Zhen or the treasure-seeking Wuying Ren. The DLC adds a race course to speed through, battling various contestants along the way toward the finish line. Prizes await those who manage to finish in first place.

The DLC drops on Jan. 21, 2020 for $7.99, or as part of the Complete DLC Collection.

There is still plenty of Shenmue to explore, as series creator Yu Suzuki told USgamer at E3 2019 that Shenmue 3 will only get us through so much of Ryo Hazuki's story. Though, this Battle Rally sounds like it's more of a side activity than another major plot point.

Shenmue 3 itself feels a bit like a time capsule to the age of Dreamcast development. Despite all the years between the first two and the third, it still somehow feels just like playing the first Shenmue game did. But it's also much larger, more than was originally planned, and now you will have even more to do on your quest through China for Ryo's father's killer. At the very least, "footrace battle royale" is not a terrible excuse to play some more Shenmue.

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