Sigma, Overwatch's Newest Hero, is a Gravity-Bending Mad Scientist

Sigma, Overwatch's Newest Hero, is a Gravity-Bending Mad Scientist

I guess one mad scientist was not enough for Talon.

The newest hero-or villain, rather-to join the ranks of Overwatch is Sigma, a gravity-bending scientist with a dark side. An "eccentric" astrophysicist who was trying to unlock the secrets of black holes, he finds himself split and confused, and now driven to villainy.

In an origin story video published today by Blizzard, Sigma is shown tinkering with black holes and writing out equations. Then, things go awry, and he begins to split both body and mind, waking up in cuffs. Gradually, he starts to lose himself in the confusion.

We don't know much about Sigma's actual kit or abilities yet, but it seems lore-wise, he's a member of Talon, the main antagonists of Overwatch. He's shown at the end standing alongside Talon operatives like Widowmaker and Doomfist.

I'm not wild about the "mad scientist" theming, both because it's a little overplayed and because we've already got one in the form of Moira, who's quite good. I'm curious as to what Sigma will actually bring to the table; from his bulk I assume he's a tank, but if he can make cool use of gravity and area control, then maybe I can forgive a lackluster origin story. (Also, does he kind of look like the Mega Man X villain Sigma? Anyone?)

Overwatch is in the midst of a lot of changes, as a role queue just got added to the PTR as part of Blizzard's ongoing efforts to standardize matchmaking. Blizzard also just lost another co-founder, as Frank Pearce departed the company on Friday. Whether these changes are for the better has yet to be seen, but at least if role queue becoming grating, I'll always have a wealth of custom games to play in Overwatch.

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