Simon Belmont and King K Rool Join Super Smash Bros Ultimate's Character Roster

Simon Belmont and King K Rool Join Super Smash Bros Ultimate's Character Roster

Three new echo fighters made the cut, too.

Nintendo's August 8 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct confirmed two things: One, this game is enormous. Two, director Masahiro Sakurai is not a man to waste time in idle pursuits like sleeping, eating, or using the washroom.

The biggest news of the half-hour Direct presentation is, unsurprisingly, the much-awaited new character reveals. There are two newcomers, and three more echo fighters to back them up. The presentation opened with the reveal trailer for Simon Belmont, a new fighter who's been a rumored addition since E3 2018. Simon's distant descendant, Richter Belmont, is tagging along as an echo fighter. Also, can we just talk about how Luigi literally died for this reveal? RIP in peace, green bro.

Simon and Richter are packaged with all kinds of goodies. Their main attack is, of course, the famed Vampire Killer whip, which has very long reach and can even dangle (hee hee) for more control. Additional attacks are performed via the Axe, Cross, and Holy Water sub-weapons, as well as a flaming uppercut. The hunters' Grand Cross move is their Final Smash attack, and Alucard might pop in as a new Assist Trophy.

The Castlevania stage, which has seemingly absorbed Luigi's tormented soul, is a grim manse where the series' most popular bosses serve as stage hazards. You'll see the Werewolf, Death, Frankenstein's monster accompanied by Igor, and Dracula himself. Richter and Simon play very similarly, though Richter has a different look, a different voice actor, and his immortal "Die monster!" monologue.

The second new character reveal came at the very end of the presentation. It's King K Rool from the SNES Donkey Kong Country games (and the late '90s cartoon show, if you're into it for some reason). K Rool's weight, sharp claws, and heavy bite make him a great rival for Donkey Kong. K Rool also utilizes boxing gloves, the crown-toss from the first Donkey Kong Country game, and his wacky musket from Donkey Kong Country 2.

The additional echo fighters outside of Richter are Chrom (an echo of his daughter, Lucina) and Dark Samus (an echo of Diddy Kong—kidding. It's Samus).

Sakurai hinted that's not all for Smash reveals, so remain excited until the game's December 7 release date. Check out our Super Smash Bros Ultimate guides daily for up-to-date information.

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