Six Hours After Going Live, a Clan Has Overcome Destiny 2's First Raid Leviathan

Bungie released a new Crucible map in honor of the achievement.

News by Caty McCarthy, .

When Destiny's first Raid "Vault of Glass" launched all those years ago, it took players 10 steep hours to overcome it. With Destiny 2's first Raid "Leviathan," only six hours were spent overcoming the momentous challenge. In celebration of the first clan to successfully complete the Raid, Bungie has released a special surprise for all players.

Available now, all players have access to a special new Leviathan-themed stage in the Crucible, which is Destiny 2's PvP mode. The map is called Emperor's Respite, and is bathed in a golden, sun-soaked glow like the unique map for Leviathan itself.

The clan The Legend Himself were the successful players, who were streaming their success as it happened. Perhaps unknown to the clan, they had a special audience of Bungie themselves watching within their offices (as Bungie environment artist Jason Sussman caught on film).

As for us, we struggled to get past the bathing ritual sequence in the two hours we played so far. I know I'm definitely underleveled, barely inching past 260 in my own power. I'll hold off until I try to tackle Leviathan again. I hope the loot is worth it.

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  • Avatar for Thetick #1 Thetick 8 months ago
    It's huge! Full of secrets and a lot of fun! Worthy as a first raid.
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    Deleted October 2017 by Equill1960
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