Six Minute Metal Gear Survive Trailer Does Its Best Kojima Impression

Six Minute Metal Gear Survive Trailer Does Its Best Kojima Impression

Metal Gear Survive talks the talk, but can it walk the walk?

Whoever directed this new six minute gameplay trailer for the upcoming Metal Gear Survive really tried hard to nail down that Kojima style. The opening minute of the new trailer is sort of like a direct-to-video sequel of Metal Gear Solid V, complete with somber music, mysterious monologues, and that Paul Greengrass style of handheld camera angles.

The weird doppelganger effect is compounded by the fact that it seems like the game re-uses assets from Metal Gear Solid V. The alternate zombie dimension, and platform where soldiers are performing a mass burial at sea, are all from Kojima's last Metal Gear game before departing the studio.

Once the deja vu wears off, we're left with a new trailer that's still the best look at the upcoming Metal Gear spin-off until its February release. We now have a glimpse at some of the weird mechanics that look to make Metal Gear Survive more than just a simple zombie game, including a survivor rescue system.

Metal Gear Survive is out on February 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There's also a console beta scheduled from January 18 to 21.

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