Six New Japanese "Import" Games Coming to North American PSN

Sony's confirmed that six new formerly Japan-only titles are coming West to the PS3's PlayStation Store.

It seems that fans of Japanese import gaming are soon to get another surge of PS1-era titles to enjoy, according to the PlayStation Blog.

The new batch, released by GungHo, follows similar initiatives from companies such as MonkeyPaw Games, who previously brought Japan-only or hard-to-find titles to the PlayStation Store.

The six games on the way this time include RPG item shop sim Sarara's Little Shop (aka Danjyon Shoutengai: Densetsu no Ken Hajimemashita); pinball title Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball; terraforming simulator Neo Planet; idol sim games Heroine Dream 1 and 2; and the rather peculiar-sounding Tokyo 23-Ku Seifuku Wars, in which a civil war erupts over students' rights to wear school uniforms in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

Heroine Dream is one of several titles that requires a decent grasp of Japanese to enjoy fully.

It's worth noting that despite the games being released on the North American PlayStation Store, they're not being localized at all, which means they'll still feature Japanese-text. In more complex titles such as Neo Planet, Heroine Dream and Tokyo 23-Ku Seifuku Wars, this may prove to be a barrier to enjoyment for those who cannot read Japanese; Neo Planet in particular looks as if it will be all but unplayable if you can't read what the various interface elements say. Dragon Beat Legend of Pinball, however, is specifically highlighted as being the most "import-friendly" of the new batch.

This new selection follows GungHo's previous batch of Japan imports, which included shoot 'em up compilation Zanac x Zanac; 2D fighter Makeruna Makendo2; vehicular combat game Vehicle Cavalier; puzzle game Lup★Salad; "art truck" board game Art Camion Sugorokuden; and rock-paper-scissors-based puzzle shooter Finger★Flashing.

All of GungHo's import games are $5.99 each, and the new batch will be available after the PlayStation Store updates on May 20.

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