Skullgirls' Developers' Upcoming Game Indivisible Is Coming to Switch in 2018

Skullgirls' Developers' Upcoming Game Indivisible Is Coming to Switch in 2018

Platformer-RPG hybrids work best on-the-go after all.

Slowly but surely, the Nintendo Switch’s library is growing with the promise of more games. The latest to promise a release is the upcoming platformer-RPG from Skullgirls developers Lab Zero Games entitled Indivisible, which will be released on the Nintendo console in 2018.

A new trailer shows more of Indivisible in action, which has come a long way from its successful crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo back in 2015. Indivisible will be Lab Zero’s first title on any Nintendo system, but as the developers write in a blog post, the decision to port the upcoming game came naturally. “Platformers and RPGs are great to play on the go,” Lab Zero writes. “And seeing that Indivisible is both, we think it’s a great fit for the system.” Lab Zero assures this won’t throw a wrench in the development cycle at all, having hired an additional programmer to the team to help out for the Switch version.

Late last year, Lab Zero Games announced they were working with well-regarded Japanese animation studio Trigger (of Kill La Kill, Little Witch Academia fame) to create Indivisible’s opening animation. Lab Zero Games’ cult fighting game Skullgirls was released across a dizzying amount of platforms over the years, even most recently landing on mobile. Indivisible, switching genres entirely, retains the impeccably animated spirit from Skullgirls, and we’re eager to see more of Indivisible when it releases in 2018 on the Switch, PC, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One.

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