Skyrim on the Switch: No Mod Support "Planned at This TIme"

Sorry, but you might have to make due with the special Link outfit.

News by Matt Kim, .

I managed to get a little hands-on time with Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch recently. While I can't say much (only because my preview of Skyrim on the Switch would be to say that it's literally Skyrim... on the Switch) I did find out a little more about whether or not there would be mod support for the Nintendo hybrid console. The answer? "Not at this time."

The answer comes from Bethesda's own Pete Hines who told me the that mods are currently unplanned for Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch when it comes out later this year. This isn't too surprising given the need to maneuver around Nintendo's famously difficult ecosystem if players wanted to create custom content. I also assume there would be the need for a custom modding tool of sorts.

Skyrim on the Switch

Skyrim for Nintendo Switch was first announced at this year's E3, but beyond a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link outfit, it was the same old Skyrim you've probably played before. From the time I had playing the game, it's kind of amazing that Bethesda packed in their huge world into such a portable device, but that's been my prevailing thought with the Switch since I first played Breath of the Wild.

There are some added little features like motion controls to swing your weapon (think Twilight Princess on the Wii), and graphically the game sits somewhere between its generation seven and current-gen console counterparts. I even managed to get stuck in a mountain wallside so that same Bethesda hallmark was present as well. Basically, Skyrim on the Switch makes a compelling argument for playing your Switch for 50 hours straight, the only problem is whether or not the Switch's battery life will let you.

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