Skyrim VR is the Top Earning PS VR Game of 2017

Skyrim VR is the Top Earning PS VR Game of 2017

The news makes our stomachs turn, but in a good way.

According to a report published by interactive media intelligence site SuperData, 2017's virtual reality game sales were dominated by Bethesda titles. Fallout 4 VR topped the sales charts for PC VR, whereas Skyrim VR is a favorite on PlayStation VR.

The VR report is the highlight of a press release SuperData distributed earlier today. Fallout 4 VR earned $4.7 million, and Skyrim VR earned $2.2 million. Below that, Superhot VR earned $3.0 million on PC VR, and Job Simulator earned $1.6 million. The report also states games bring in the majority (58%) of VR software's revenue.

VR was invented so you can pet Skyrim's frost spiders. Do it.

SuperData concludes that XR is "set to accelerate" despite its slow start, thanks in part to the strength of AR titles like Pokémon GO and the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. XR stands for "Extended Reality," a term that covers VR experiences as well as offshoots like Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR, which references mediums that merge the tangible and digital world). For now, put your head in Skyrim VR, jump off the Throat of the World, and try not to puke. Best game ever.

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