Smash Bros is Coming to the Switch in 2018: First Details

Finally, the Smash Bros is coming to the Switch.

After a year of pining, a Super Smash Bros game is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. Today's Nintendo Direct confirmed that the crossover fighting game will finally grace Nintendo's hybrid console, to the delight of fans everywhere.

Today's Nintendo Direct brought with it a bevy of surprise announcements, but Smash Bros was easily the one that fans were clamoring for ever since the Switch was first announced. Nintendo will finally get a console version of a Smash Bros game on a mobile platform after the experiment that was Super Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U.

No details yet on the full roster of characters, but we know the squid kids from Splatoon will be there. Knowing previous Smash Bros installments, it should be a safe bet to assume that series regulars like Mario and co. will be returning. We also don't know whether this is an original Smash Bros game or a port as it's been suggested.

As we wait for a full reveal, Super Smash Bros on the Wii U and 3DS managed to get some exciting third-party characters to join the roster, like Bayonetta, Ryu, and Cloud. We will wait to see how many new characters could join in the Switch version.

We also don't know what controls Super Smash Bros on the Switch will support, but we do know that thanks to a firmware update, Nintendo's own Wii U GameCube controller dock works with the Switch, even if it was supposedly "unintentional" on Nintendo's part.

No doubt we will be hearing more about Smash Bros Switch at E3 this year, with hopefully a release date, and a better understanding of the full roster of characters and whether this is a port or not. In the meantime, we can all rejoice knowing that Smash Bros will be playable on the Switch in the future. It's all just a matter of counting down the days. In the meantime, Super Smash on the Switch is scheduled for sometime in 2018.

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