Smash Bros on Switch is Finally a Reality and Fans Couldn't be Happier

Smash Bros on Switch is Finally a Reality and Fans Couldn't be Happier

Nobody asked the Inklings if they actually WANT to join Nintendo Fight Club, though. Oh well!

We had some juicy game reveals in the latest Nintendo Direct, but the biggest news by far is Super Smash Bros' imminent arrival on the Nintendo Switch. We kind of knew it was going to happen, but the reveal proved exciting nevertheless. Sometimes you need to cling to every scrap of good news with all your might.

Smash Bros for the Switch was announced via a reveal trailer for the game's newest warriors: The Inkling girl (and presumably, the boy) from Splatoon (which also received a heap of news during the Direct). The two kids merrily spar back and forth until suddenly the lights go out and everything's on fire. The iconic Smash logo is subsequently reflected in the female Inkling's eye while other fighters loom before her, silhouetted by the flames.

Jeez. Even if she doesn't want to fight, it looks like Mario, Link, and company made the decision for her. Sorry, chick. Welcome to Nintendo's Hunger Games. Cheer up, though. You get to live forever as a meme.

Smash news inspires more than memes, though. It inspires joy.

Sometimes the joy is bittersweet.

More often than not, though, the joy is just pure.

Though sometimes it's a touch prickly.

Some fans are a bit taken aback by the reveal trailer's dark tone, not to mention its lingering scent of mystery.

One thing's for sure: Nothing riles up a crowd like Super Smash Bros—except for the promise of more Super Smash Bros.

Even Undertale creator Toby Fox pointed and yelled instead of talking about Undertale's upcoming Nintendo Switch port.

E3 2018 ought to be fun. Just don't let your excitement distract you from rooting for Mario Tennis Aces' ambitious Chain Chomp.

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