Fox's Overpowered Landmaster is Finally Dead and the Rest of Smash Bros Ultimate's Biggest Changes

Fox's Overpowered Landmaster is Finally Dead and the Rest of Smash Bros Ultimate's Biggest Changes

Rest in peace, Landmaster.

After more than a decade of being tormented by the Landmaster lifting people off the screen, Fox's overpowered Final Smash is finally dead. Hallelujah.

Instead, Fox and Falco will fly in and shoot opponents with their Arwings. This is part of a major balance change designed to make Final Smashes more "direct and to the point," with previously long-lasting Smashes being sped up or removed entirely.

Beyond that, pretty much every returning character is getting some kind of interesting tweak. Marth will be fully voiced in English for the first time; Pokemon Trainer loses his cumbersome fatigue penalty (while adding a female character), and Wolf is getting both a design change and a major buff.

Here are some more of the big changes coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate:

  • Link, Fox, Falco, Pit, Zelda, Ganon, and Dedede are all getting new Final Smashes. Wario, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Samus, and Sonic are all seeing big changes as well.
  • Daisy is joining the fight as an alternate version of Peach. Like Dark Pit and Lucina, she will be an "Echo Fighter," though it's unclear how that's different from what has been previously shown.
  • Palutena is among the characters who appear set for a major revamp. Her down special will now be a counter and a deflector, and she's getting new special attacks, too.
  • Similarly, Link is donning his Breath of the Wild tunic and gaining remotely detonated bombs and the aforementioned new Smash.
  • Ike will be picking up his Path of Radiance costume. Ganon is returning to his Ocarina of Time form. Bayonetta will have costumes from both Bayonetta 1 and 2. Mario will be adding his Wedding and Builder outfits.

And there are plenty more changes on top of that, including the introduction of Ridley as a playable character (finally) as well as the Inklings, plus the ability to set the size of the roster that you want. It's a big game, and seems worth of the designation "Ultimate."

Smash Bros. Ultimate's release date has been confirmed for December 7, and it will indeed support the GameCube controller. Here's everything we know about Smash Bros. Ultimate so far.

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