Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks Hitting Hard Following Early Retail Appearance

Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks Hitting Hard Following Early Retail Appearance

Knock knock: Super Smash Bros Ultimate made an early arrival. Everybody freak out.

We're less than a fortnight away from the highly-anticipated release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. You're probably excited, and if you want to stay that way, you should make an effort to avoid the massive Smash Ultimate spoilers data miners spewed all over the internet (particularly YouTube) this weekend. Human Beings: They're Terrible™.

It's not clear how pirates got their hands on a copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate this early (signs point to at least one leaked game card coming from Mexico), but data miners didn't take the time to look a gift cartridge in its connectors. Videos of spoiler-heavy content, including the ending to Smash Ultimate's single-player Spirits Mode, also known as World of Light, quickly arose on YouTube. Just in case you need a refresher: The World of Light sequence begins with the entirety of Smash's roster getting cut down by a vengeful angel, and only Kirby survives because he's something of a god himself. No surprise people are looking forward to playing Spirits Mode and seeing the ending themselves. If you're looking forward to saving Videogame Land come December, tread carefully.

Rest assured Nintendo's hard at work scrubbing spoilers as they pop up, but information moves at viral speed on the Internet, as we all unfortunately know by now. Other shared Smash Ultimate leaks include tons of Mii costumes, hours of music, yet-unannounced game modes, and a lot more.

Motherboard reached out to the Switch pirating community over the leaks, which is divided over the acquisition and distribution of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. "As far as [pirated] Switch games go this is the biggest ever," JJB, the admin of the popular WarezNX Switch piracy community, tells Motherboard. The leak seemingly originated on the WarezNX Discord server, which prompted JJB to ban low-level users from the server.

"Point of doing it was I did not agree with Smash leaking as early as it did," JJB says. “So I decided to remove the easiest source being the server.”

If you pirate Smash, Marth will visit your dreams and give you this look all night.

If Nintendo's weekend crusade to shut down Super Smash Bros Ultimate spoilers is any indication, it's clearly having kittens over the game's leak, distribution, and spoiler posts. A year ago, a review copy of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga was similarly dumped on the Internet, which prompted Nintendo to get much tougher about distributing review materials. If Nintendo freaked slightly over the leak of a second-tier Nintendo 3DS release (a remake, at that), we can only imagine the tsunami-sized aftershocks the Super Smash Bros Ultimate leak will trigger.

Rest assured our Super Smash Bros Ultimate guides are spoiler-free, and they tell you everything you need to know about the game before its December 7 release.

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