Smash Bros. Ultimate Leaks Looking Less Real All the Time as Company Associated With Leaks Releases Strong Denial

Smash Bros. Ultimate Leaks Looking Less Real All the Time as Company Associated With Leaks Releases Strong Denial

A rebuttal.

A series of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rumors have been circulating around the internet regarding the remaining unannounced fighters. The rumors originate from a supposed poster showing said fighters, but the printing company the poster is reportedly from issued a statement today denying the leaks.

The rumors started on 4chan where one poster, claiming to work at a French printing company under contract with Bandai Namco to print advertising material for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, posted what is supposedly the final poster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The "leaked" poster shows fighters like Banjo-Kazooie, Geno, Shadow of the Hedgehog (as an Echo fighter), and Ken from Street Fighter. All fighters who are yet-to-be announced for Ultimate. The rumors have been circulating wildly ever since.

Marina PLV, the printing company where the images reportedly originated from, issued a statement on Facebook denying the rumors, claiming it does not currently have a contract with Bandai Namco for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate despite having worked together previously in the past. The full statement is below:

Rumors say we are linked to a confidentiality leak on the latest Super Smash Bros game. All these rumors point toward one thing: some journalists need to stop purely relying on Google. The person seemingly at the source of these "rumors", assuming it is indeed them, have left our company since November 2016. This person did not update their Linkedin profile, as such, some people incorrectly affirmed that Les Atelier Marina is linked to this.
We did work with Namco in the past and would like to work with them again, but we currently do not work together for the launch of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. These rumors stain our largely acknowledged professionalism, most notably when it comes to respecting confidentiality. We have contacted every news site along with Namco and Nintendo to stop this misinformation from spreading and evaluate which judicial means we shall put in motion.

The veracity of the leaks has been in-question since first surfacing online earlier this week. We currently have no reason to believe these leaks but have not confirmed any firm details. However, the source of these rumors is also unverified.

We expect to hear more from Nintendo about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before its December 7 release date. Until then you can read our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate guide for all the current news, previews, and more about Nintendo's upcoming fighter.

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