SNES Classic Surpasses Five Million Units

Nintendo's latest mini console is another hit.

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Nintendo had a really good year thanks to the success of the Nintendo Switch, but we mustn't forget the humble SNES Classic, the follow-up retro mini console that immediately became one of the hottest holiday presents of the year.

According to Nintendo's latest financial reports to investors, the SNES Classic sold 5.28 million units. In January, it was reported that the SNES Classic passed four million units sold, so between then and now the SNES Classic moved an extra 1.3 million units.

SNES Classic, Source: Nintendo

The SNES Classic first went on sale in September 2017. Not to repeat the debacle that was the NES launch (which was met with massive shortages which still lasts), Nintendo promised far more units for production. While the SNES Classic is still a hot commodity, the consoles regularly re-appear in stores like Amazon and Walmart. Even those who bought a system on launch said that the experience was better than buying a NES Classic on launch.

For more on the SNES Classic, you can check out our complete SNES game-by-game review of each game that comes with the system. Also be sure to check our SNES Classic guide for any new updates on the system's availability.

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  • Avatar for RushDawg #1 RushDawg 6 months ago
    Could you imagine how many more they could have sold if they could keep them on store shelves?
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  • Avatar for bigbadboaz #2 bigbadboaz 6 months ago
    I actually think they may have the pacing right this time. It isn't easy, but it's far more likely to walk into a store and see a lonely SNES just sitting there than it ever was with the NES. They clearly don't want these systems backing up unsold - whether you agree with the pacing or not - and any more supply and that just might start to happen.
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