SNK Reveal Neo Geo Mini With 40 Unnamed Titles

SNK Reveal Neo Geo Mini With 40 Unnamed Titles

SNK is getting into the mini-console game.

After an earlier leak of the design, SNK has officially announced the NeoGeo Mini. The company didn't give a firm release date for the mini-console, but it did offer physical specifications. The console will have a 3.5-inch screen housed in a tiny arcade cabinet (W5.3" x D4.25" x H6.38"). Despite the standalone nature of the system, it does have an HDMI-out, headphone jack, and two controller ports.

"The NeoGeo Mini is a video game console, which will include 40 nostalgic titles from the NeoGeo system, which made its debut in 1990," said SNK on its official Facebook page. "The size of the NeoGeo Mini means it fits perfectly in the palm of one’s hand."

SNK also declined to say which "40 nostalgic titles" would be included with the system, but screenshots show screens and title cards for Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Samurai Shodown II, Samurai Shodown V Special, King of Fighters '97, King of Fighters '98, Real Bout Fatal Fury, and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers. Those are likely additions, though including both Real Bouts takes up space that could be saved for other games!

The NeoGeo Mini will come in two versions, one for Japanese audiences and the other for international release. The Japanese version sports the bright orange of classic NeoGeo MVS cabinets, while the international release is black, blue, and white.

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