Some Copies of Starlink: Battle for Atlas Purchased at Best Buy Didn't Include the Actual Game

Houston we have a problem.

If you picked up a copy of Ubisoft's new toys-to-life video game Starlink: Battle for Atlas at a Best Buy store double-check if you have a copy of the game because some buyers reported they received everything in the box except for a copy of Starlink.

According to the Switch subreddit, buyers who purchased Starlink specifically from a Best Buy reported that their box came with the toy, controller dock, and figures but neither a physical or digital copy of the actual game.

A Ubisoft representative told Polygon that it has "been made aware that a small amount of Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Packs have been shipped without a copy of the disc and /or cartridge included," and is investigating the scope of the issue.

Meanwhile players who found themselves without a copy of Starlink were able to get a replacement from Best Buy without trouble. Though one wonders how this happened in the first place and why it has so far only affected Best Buy retailers.

Starlink was announced by Ubisoft at E3 2017 and in a surprise announcement this year showed off that Starlink included a new collaboration with Nintendo this time including Star Fox in the game. Ubisoft and Nintendo previously collaborated on the strategy RPG Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle to great success. Our own review even said that Starlink is one of the best Star Fox games in recent years.

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