Some Destiny 2 Players Want one of the Game's Popular New Character to Announce the Crucible

Some Destiny 2 Players Want one of the Game's Popular New Character to Announce the Crucible

But people really love Lord Shaxx

I really like the new characters introduced in Destiny 2. Hawthorne is a no-nonsense badass, Devrim is a debonair cool guy, but far and away the most popular new character is Failsafe, the dual personality, dysfunctioning AI on Nessus. She's apparently so popular, a quick search in Reddit will turn up multiple appreciation threads and even a demand for her voice to be a larger part of the game.

Failsafe is a disembodied AI voice not unlike Siri or Glados. She used to be the main ship AI for a now destroyed space vessel crashed on the centaur of Nessus in Destiny 2. Due to her malfunction, her personality changes on a dime-one moment kind and supportive, albeit wry, the next gloomy and sarcastic. Basically, she's like the sci-fi robot sidekick of your dreams.

So it's no surprise players are asking Bungie-no-demanding Bungie that she voices a game of Crucible, Destiny's competitive PvP mode.

Voiced by actor Joy Osmanski, her line delivery of Failsafe's multiple-personality voice lines won over plenty of fans but it appears that Shaxx has some ardent supporters who will not standby to see a pretender to the throne.

It remains to be seen if Bungie will have someone other than Lord Shaxx, Destiny's chairman of PvP, congratulate you (or chastise you) during a game of Crucible.

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